View Full Version : Ocho: Patrons and Free to Play Players

09-20-2014, 12:00 AM
Tonight and the days upwards....the first players will start loosing their farms/houses to this kind of mishappening. If that happens - be prepared to receive a lot of refund requests and turning down subscriptions. If that will happen - you will have your ultimate failure testimony in MMO scene. It is not about me, I will continue playing, because I like the game. But there are tons of nerds out there having a huge weed up their arse taking these issues personally. (some may call em nolifers)At least, right now, verify and give players a workaround for cancelling/reactivating sub for regaining patron status. While tonight people can start to fail to pay taxes on time, there is a grace period. That should keep anyone from losing their house. By the time the grace period expires, we'll have it fixed.

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