View Full Version : Last nights antics

09-20-2014, 03:58 AM
So last night we ran some trade packs over to Fredich island and were kindly greeted by impact. The guilds on this run were Legion, Sun Tzu and Silent Storm, we had 2 full raids with the majority carrying trade packs when we were ambushed by Impact.

Our numbers were greater but we still lost a couple of trade packs but omg that was fun, stuff like this makes the game worth playing.

Anyone who was there manage to get any screenshots?

09-20-2014, 01:41 PM
Yes, it was fun. We were there also but after it was reported that impact was there in force we decided to just drop in without trade packs. We were hopelessly outnumbered but nevertheless got some practice in.

Shame we missed you.

09-22-2014, 02:35 AM
yes nice fight
but we were only about 60 people there;)