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09-20-2014, 05:35 AM
So, you want to be a role-player? Well, first welcome to the vast and vibrant world of role-play within Archeage! While the game has plenty to offer on its own, role-playing adds another level of depth and meaning to your character and your actions within the game and can keep even mundane actions like gathering, questing and even grinding interesting and meaningful.

This thread is dedicated to being a community guide for tips on taking your first steps into role-playing (if you're new to it) or enhancing your role-play experience (even if you're a veteran). It's important to understand that what is contained here is advice and experiences shared by veterans and novices alike with the express purpose of helping us build a bigger, stronger and better role-play community within the game.

To start with, the unofficial RP servers are Tahyang (NA) and Dahuta (EU). That doesn't mean you can't RP or find other RPers on other servers, it's just a suggested place for us to consolidate and form a larger base of RPers in one location.

Now, I'd like to quote a post I made in another thread which prompted this guide.

I'm currently in an RP guild called Obsidia, but I may consider starting my own RP guild or finding a home within a new one. The only things I would like to add presently are a few tips:

1). There is no winning in RP. RP is essentially group story telling. There's a measure of trust that goes on between players in that each player will pursue their own character's goals and agendas but they respect each other enough to not "god mode" or "grief" (being invincible, infallible or speaking for other character or NPCs (god-mode) or harassing other players (griefing).

2). There is winning in RP-PvP but even losing is part of the story. A lesson I learned a long time ago was that if you view everything that happens in RP as a grand, community-based, multi-perspective story in which your character is involved, it makes the challenges and failures enjoyable because they add to the story and help the character grow. Instead of getting frustrated or discouraged by setbacks and failures, view them as elements making up a better story.

3). Intentionally give your character flaws and weaknesses. This is possibly one of the hardest things for new (and even experienced) RPers to understand, but it's huge! Some of the best and most memorable characters in the stories and games we love have flaws! In fact, it is often times more fun to RP a character's flaws and weaknesses because they give that character's accomplishments and strengths more meaning.

4). Remember that the other character is played by a human too. The golden rule of RP. Remember that, no matter how heinous, villainous, virtuous, repulsive, egotistical, irritating or other adjectives, a character is - that character is played by a human just like you. Be considerate of the player even if you're not considerate of their character. (If you're out to assassinate so-and-so's character, just remember to talk with that player afterward (if you want it to be a surprise) and keep it light and fun.)

Just some tips that I've learned that have helped me over the years with RP. The only thing I'd add is not to be afraid to start - we all started somewhere and new RPers bring new life, new ideas and new styles to the community that help both the old and the new grow and develop.

For anyone looking to share advice or ask questions, the thread is open.