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09-20-2014, 02:49 PM
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Well hello there,
Hydra are recruiting

Heres a general list of the type of players we're after:

Fanatical members
Tree Liberators
Trade pack requisitioners
Fish I.O.U'ers

For invite or more info whisper:

Hydra are committed to allowing our members the freedom to play and enjoy the game as they see fit, If you like to steal trade packs then we might be for you, we don't do many alliances so not many guilds are off limits, whereas some bigger alliances will have hundreds upon hundreds of potential targets lost due to them being in an allied guild.

We feel you should show no pity, fear or remorse and enjoy all aspects of the game to truly enjoy it

Feel free to check out our unofficial song, It sums up what we're about reasonably well ^^


What sort of player are we looking for:
Basically, we're being KOS'ed by quite a few guilds, thats life.
We need players who aren't cowards, we need fanatics basically, you must be okay with getting ganked whilst questing/on occasions just for being a member, you must enjoy and revel in what we are, are you getting camped at the nui shrine? good, that means you're part of something that they hate, you're signing yourself up to be part of a group thats name is reviled, but fear not, for the right sort of gamer it is your chance to make your name shine out and become just as reviled as Hydra itself (It's a special sort of gamer with a special mindset that we're after obviously)

How many guilds have KOS's on us?
I don't know... 3 for sure, another 3-4 that do it when they can be bothered to do it. Like I said, we welcome in a headstrong player.

How is Hydra coping with the presure of being so hated?
Simple answer? The majority of our members are fanatically loyal, They believe in what Hydra is and what we do.
Although we're being ganked by 4-5 big guilds right now pretty hard for the past week we've actually held our number count steady, whereas other guilds might have caved and crumbled under the wave of hatred we have endured.

What have Hydra really succeeded in doing?
Well we have:
Become probably the most hated guild on Eastern
Pretty much everyone knows us
Mentioning Hydra in faction chat usually results in a torrent of rage being unleashed
Hydra were the first guild in Kyprossa to use a catchphrase that everyone connected to our guild, We were the original, since we have done it others have tried to imitate us, for example: "Praise the Sun" "For the Paw" and all that, but Hail Hydra! Is and will always be remembered as the original chat spam (Which could only be achieved by our members going fanatic and supporting us wholeheartedly)

Excuse me whilst i just quickly: -Braces for inevitable forum rage from certain guilds-

Hail Hydra ;)