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Kasus Cloud
09-20-2014, 03:27 PM
Hello! While there are likely hundreds of thousands of names out there you could refer to me by, I would like to *FINALLY* make my presence known on here, a couple days after everyone else.

This thread is here for Roleplayers to introduce themselves and get together(Hence the "meet and greet"). In this way, we can get a head start in unifying our community and becoming one big happy family. For organization's sake, I will post a guideline to which you can or can not follow. I'm not picky, do what you love!


Character in ArcheAge (Can be in the making or ready for action):

A brief description of yourself as a person:

What kind of Roleplay do you enjoy:

Favorite Character of all time!:

Years in General Roleplay (How many years have you been roleplaying; can be anywhere):

Something random:

Anything else you wanted to say:

Below I will post my example:

Username: Kasus Cloud

Character in ArcheAge: Kasus, Maybe a remake of Papa Al

A brief description of yourself as a person: I've been told I'm a crude person, and that I've been known to be arrogant at times. I am down to earth and I will always be frank with you if you ask, and I am known for being a goofball when I'm in the right crowd. I've run lots of Roleplay Guilds and I've lead wars as well as certain aspects of communities, and I know how they work, but don't ask me to lead because I've had enough leading for two lifetimes. I'm always available to provide advice for roleplay and for guild management, so never hesitate to ask. I am not a Lore Zealot/Elitist/Purist/whateveryoucallthem, at least not for a good four years of my roleplay career. Whatever you want to roleplay, that's your choice. I won't constantly bash your choices (That doesn't mean I won't give you one or two respectful requests or advice bits). I am hardcore in following the old "Roleplay Code of Conduct and Honor", But while I might talk about it consistently I will never demand you follow it. I have been adrift in the various communities for the past 3 years, so now that I've arrived at ArcheAge I hope I might be able to set down for a bit.

What kind of Roleplay do you enjoy: Anything, really. I'm not picky. However, I will make it known that I have always been a rather avid fan of war roleplay. All those roleplayers clashing steel and fighting to the death in the middle of a battlefield seems to appeal to me. There aren't many good communities with that, though.

Favorite Character of all time!: Papa Al. He was a Country Farmer and former military officer who had a bad habit of going out and getting wasted drunk, as well as jumping into fights in any local tavern and turning them into big bar brawls. He was a riot, he was great.

Years in General Roleplay: I believe I have been roleplaying for seven or eight years.

Something random: Heeeeyy.... Did you know Carrots are green?

Anything else you wanted to say: I am looking forward to Roleplaying with all of you! (Not you, Steve! nobody likes you Steve!)

Furthermore, when posting for Roleplay Gatherings in Game, if you could be specific as to the time, the date, and where in game (by area and/or city, or area and/or region), and what style of roleplay it will be (Casual, Bar chat, Bar brawl, adventure, etc.), and what server.

This would greatly reduce the confusion that may arise.

A final note, I will be getting into Roleplay as soon as possible. I am often busy with college coursework, as well as other things, so I often have to manage my time wisely. I will be stopping by as soon as possible!

I will be posting one more thread post before you are each allowed to post. Please give me room.

Kasus Cloud
09-20-2014, 03:29 PM
Rules of the Thread:

~All ArcheAge Forum Rules must be followed as best they can.

~No arguments should erupt from this thread.
~Hold a respectful tone, no matter what differences you each might have.
~Do NOT post obscene language, words, sentences, phrases, or anything of the like. There might be children around!

~Stay on Topic
~Avoid two posts in a row if applicable (Stahp looking at me like that. ;~;)

~When posting for get-togethers for in game roleplay, please do not post any form of exclusion notices excluding any particular person.

~Do not mention any form of Dirty Roleplay that you may or may not be doing, whether for get-togethers or for introductions. Don’t post it on here, we don’t need to know, we won’t treat you any specific way for it (We all do it, the ones who say they don’t ever do it often do it the most.), but please don’t post it on here, just move off to the side where the general populous cannot see and it won’t be a problem.

~Whether or not Rule Three made this clear, I will state this again, Do NOT bash anyone’s Roleplay style, or Roleplay Skill, for WHATEVER REASON on this thread. It is a zero tolerance and if seen I will appeal for a lockout/temporary ban/post removal.

That’s all when it comes to rules, I’m not THAT picky now am I?

Now that I am wrapping up this thread, you may all post to your heart's content!

Kasus Cloud
09-20-2014, 05:11 PM
I am off for the evening, I will speak with all of you later! I look forward to seeing your posts. Please be respectful in my absence.

09-21-2014, 05:45 AM
Name: KnightsBard

Race: Hume/Nuian

Class: Caretaker

Skills: Vitalism/ Songcraft/ Defense

Faction: Western Nuian

Title: Founder

Vocations: Gathering/Printing/Composition/Carpentry

Languages: Nuian

Favored Weapon's: Sword/Lute

Favored Armor: Leather/Medium



Mounts: Rawr my Lion and TheOlGreyMare


Personal Monster/NPC/Character Enemies: Kraken, and The Guilds Immortals and Vengeance

Favored Activities/Hobby's: Playing Instruments, Erenor and Aurorian Lore, Dice, Fishing

Character Introduction/Background/Story: *The Bard enters Tavernside, throws his cloak upon a coatrack and looks for a seat* Ah there that rocker will do nicely by the fire. *He pulls out his pipe, lights it with his tinderbox and has a seat* Such a cold and rainy morn it is, I need a good hot cup of Honey Mead to warm these bones.Tavernmaid Please oblige me and everyone drinks on me! Let me tell you a tale, but wait I hear music....
*you all here it too, it started softly but raising in tone harmony and tempo It is now close near the fire......* AH there you are my friend, everyone meet Zentari My Familiar and Lute...*dimly starting almost vaguely shifting into existence , A fanciful Lute manifests in front of your eyes. It
Hovers for a moment strings playing loudly now it floats to The Bard and rests in his out stretched
Oh and allow myself to introduce myself my name is KnightsBard, I am a Traveler of Alternate Realities...that is I believe so anyways it seems most of my memory is lost...but Please enough about me lets here a Tale or two from all of You kindred spirits............