View Full Version : Scapes: @Trion, Seriously? Queued 7 hours -> Queued at no.11-> Disconnected -> 1600 queue again. REALLY? - NEED PRIORITY GRACE PERIOD FOR QU

09-21-2014, 07:00 AM
My whole Sunday. Wasted my whole afternoon 11am to 6pm and got Disconnected by you on the last minute? 100% Sure my internet was working fine because i am talking with my guildmates in Raid Call!Trion, TO BE HONEST - You need to SET A TOP PRIORITY To give a SOLUTION about the QUEUE System and Grace Period for QUEUE! This is 100% NOT acceptable... Ugh, that is frustrating, I'm sorry. Our top priority is reducing and speeding up the queue by way of new servers, AFK kick improvement, and capacity increases. A "save my spot in queue" grace period is something we're considering but may take some time to implement.

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