View Full Version : Operation QueueAge!

09-21-2014, 07:27 AM
So we're all getting stuck in queues everyday for hours and hours.
As such Hydra will be spamming UCC.png's of Archeage Queue memes over all our houses and stuff.

What will it achieve? Not much
But you know what? It's good to show our frustration with the queues so it's going to be our way of letting off some steam, so if you have any spare picture frames (225 credits per) then print off some queueage pictures and plaster them all over your houses.

Heres some of our current selection that we'll be using:
http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p720/WNxRipvanwinkle1/UCC4_zpsccd5120e.png (http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/WNxRipvanwinkle1/media/UCC4_zpsccd5120e.png.html)
http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p720/WNxRipvanwinkle1/UCC3_zpsc993c7e8.png (http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/WNxRipvanwinkle1/media/UCC3_zpsc993c7e8.png.html)
http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p720/WNxRipvanwinkle1/UCC2_zps82c784cf.png (http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/WNxRipvanwinkle1/media/UCC2_zps82c784cf.png.html)
http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p720/WNxRipvanwinkle1/UCC1_zps74d81c91.png (http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/WNxRipvanwinkle1/media/UCC1_zps74d81c91.png.html)

256x256 already, Also a .png, all you have to do is rename it to UCC (take out the number) then move it to your UCC folder and make a stamp of it

I want to see these plastered EVERYWHERE, I want it to be reminiscent of the last day of Alpha when we spammed trees everywhere ^^
Regardless of Guild we all share the hatred for this damned queue :(