View Full Version : Patron queue non-existant

09-21-2014, 01:40 PM
So after the last server wide disconnection, after about 5 minutes I managed to reconnect to the game, me and my 2 friends who were also playing had our grace period skipped. We all connected at roughly the same time, my queue was 600, and my other friends queue was 900, we're both paying players (patrons), my third friend who is a free player, his queue is 400. So after the initial release it looks like the patron queue doesn't exist anymore. This queue is ridiculous in the first place, but for us players that are paying monthly, this is not reasonable. New servers are great, but people like me who have 70 hours already into their character, there's no chance I'd restart on another server, as I'm sure all the other people in my position will not. For one, please bring the Patron queues back, number 2, instead of new servers, increasing the server capacity is required. Thank you.

Kaotic K
09-21-2014, 01:57 PM
Everybody wants server capacity looked at . THey do not care about new servers unless they have not put any time into the game. Server resources need to be addressed. yes this is not a quick fix and may take a few weeks to sort out. but please start now on this . do not wait any longer or put if off till later.