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09-21-2014, 02:20 PM
OMG really ... Patron status..
We've made a lot of strides in making sure folks are correctly being granted their Patron status. I'm happy to foward on anyone who does not currently have Patron status they are entitled to.Patron Q's
Queue time is still unacceptably long. This issue has an unbelievable amount of attention.Patron 10% discount at market place and the fact that a GM said we will not be reimbursed 10% on what we have spent so far.. even though it is included in the purchase price of the founders pack.
This issue is in discussion internally. We'll have an answer early next week. I am pretty sure folks will be happy with whatever we finally decide.Opening servers without have a transfer system in place
Server transfers are complicated. This is something we're currently in discussion with our partner about, but it's not a simple *poof* and we can fix it issue. We are certainly aware of the desire however.Offering to delete all toons and refund credits to Patrons willing to switch to a new server.
I'll forward on this request to management.Compensation for all the problem patrons have had since the first second of headstart.
As we've said, we need to get the initial issues ironed out before we can start discussion on that. The list is kinda endless I am afraid . Most of these issues have been discussed extensively. We're definitely aware and looking at them. I'll go ahead and forward the one I hadn't specifically responded to to our team and we can talk about it.
Funny how the thread got a GM response.. Anyone else find that rather interesting :) ? What about it is interesting? Again, the tactic has no bearing on what you are trying to achieve. It's just hurting yourself.

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