View Full Version : Ocho: WAR on Trion.. All patrons please read

09-21-2014, 03:00 PM
With phrases like, "Queue time is still unacceptably long. This issue has an unbelievable amount of attention.", just infers to me the over population was not only expected, but acceptable. This gives the perception to us that a queue should exist in your mind, likely just to force people into Patron status and fill those coffers. Of course, if we actually heard phrases more along the lines of NO ONE SHOULD BE IN A QUEUE, PERIOD; well then I'm sure people might appreciate it more. Maybe they'd be a little less incendiary as you put it. I'm just another Founder (Gold), Patron, etc., etc., still QQ'ing over the Queueing ... Queue times are unnaceptably long. Some queuing is reasonable to expect, that's why we have a queue system.

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