View Full Version : Debauchery Tea Party

09-22-2014, 12:32 AM
So how about it? Anyone skilled enough to want to start a group like it?(For those that know about the specific party, I don't want to make a guild, I just want to meet people that love to adventure as much as I do through this amazing game).

All is welcome to travel the land with me.

09-22-2014, 12:10 PM
I vote up for the tea party! =^._.^= meow

09-23-2014, 05:01 PM
Haha thanks =D. Definitely looking for more people than what I currently have ^^

09-29-2014, 02:48 PM
YES!!!! Any guild who references Sword Art Online is a guild I want to be a part of:) Especially if this is the name of such guild! Consider me an "Agil" type player. "I sell everything to bece rich" :P Who do I contact?

09-29-2014, 05:16 PM
Oh, no guild lol :P I'm definately interested in running with anyone

09-30-2014, 06:56 PM
Not Sword Art Online, its Log Horizon