View Full Version : Housing System

09-22-2014, 03:26 AM
Hello everybody,

as most of you know there is literally ZERO housing space left on Kyprosa what kind of takes a huge part of the game away to the players who didn't get a place for at least a 16x16 house. I understand that getting a prime location housing spot belongs to the game and that only very few people can get one and thats ok but I think something must be done about it.

Thats why I'd like to gather up some suggestions to get more room to the server.

For example I heard from people who played somewhere else that they used to have to sacrifice there small scarecrow garden in order to get the big one and i thought that thats actually a good idea.

I was also thinking about temporary housing zones until the servers population decreases and more spots become available again.

Another thing is that i believe that there is no limit to the number of buildings you can own at the moment. This is generally a good thing - why not enable players to have a house everywhere and pay huge taxes for it but in the current stage of the game it's a bad thing. I mean, there are guys with 12+ buildings.

My last idea was that they could make us pay tax more often (like every 5 days) in order to get unused land demolished faster.

I believe thats it for now from me, hope you can understand my english and I'm looking forward to reading more suggestions or discussion about mine.