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09-22-2014, 08:20 PM
In the second sentence you said you see sayings of racism, which means you are saying Brazilian is a race. Which they are not.It cant be racism if they aren't a race. There is only one race amongst humans. **** Sapiens Sapiens. The whole concept of Race is a social construct, not a scientific one. In this context, the phrase racism is perfectly acceptable to describe the type of behavior the OP has observed.
Xenophobia is described as intense irrational fear or hatred of people from other countries. To be a Irrational it must be illogical, which would suggest no reason behind it. If the fear or hatred is in place because numerious bad experiences it would then be logical and therefor not classified as Xenophobia. Possibly another form of biggotry but not that one.Any hatred towards an entire nationality is inherently illogical.
They spam every chat channel in portuguese, they dont even try to speak english. my english is pretty bad, but in MMOs i ALLWAYS speak in english, every non-native english speaker i know speaks in english, even those whose english is worse than mine because its the common lenguage for MMOs. But brazilians dont, they spam in portuguese and speak to you in portuguese expecting that you understand what the ♥♥♥♥ they are saying.First off you've played MMOs with many people. Some of those were brazilian and you never realized it. So attributing this sort of behavior to all individuals from a given country is inappropriate. Some people speak brazilian in chat, yes. Here is a quote of mine from another thread:
Servers are not English language servers. It is no ruder to chat in French than it is in English.Simply replace French with Portugese.Finally many people speak English and expect others to understand them. That is no more rational or irrational than expecting people to understand Portugese.
Many years ago, I worked as a GM for an MMO that was considered to be a NA/EU game. I won't say which, because I'm not here to advertise it and am quite enjoying my time here, but it was published by Codemasters in 2005/2006. The server I worked on became the server of choice for the Brazilian population. At the time, this was a pay to play game, but even so this was the server they decided on. The first three weeks or so were quite peaceful, but starting from week four until the day I left that job, I banned an average of 8-10 Brazilian IPs PER DAY from terrain glitching and packet editing. This is not to say people from around the world were not doing this, but the frequency was MUCH higher from Brazil and the players were not associated with each other nearly as much, such as guilds exploiting together like I often dealt with. My mailbox for tickets referring to cases I was involved with were run through a coworker that could speak Portuguese, I speak Spanish English and Polish which was not as useful as I'd hoped, and at times he would tell me "I blocked this segment out because no one needs to be insulted like that for doing their job."I've often tried to give players from ANY location the benefit of the doubt, but those experiences with that player base have often resulted in a slight prejudice. Keep this in mind - Experiences leave a lasting impression, and it is hard to not generalize after a portion of the population shows certain traits. Working in the industry can give a distorted perspective on how people behave. You took on a tough job, one I am not able to do (I'd lose my mind in CS), and as a result saw some pretty negative behavior. That a portion of this negative behavior in that game on that server was caused by a certain group of individuals is a difficulty you'll need to overcome, but you can get there. I've seen awful things in my time working in Community, like real nightmare causing stuff. I occasionally have to remind myself that that's a minority of a minority of players.Here is another quote that outline our position on this topic:
You can report players through the support website (https://support.trionworlds.com/app/home). Submitting a ticket via support.trionworlds.com and select "Report a Player" under category.Servers do not have official languages, and we welcome players whatever language they speak.As a further note, I strongly encourage folks not to make racist statements on the forums. This is a quick way to be unable to post any longer. Locking this down.Edit: Silly language filter.

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