View Full Version : Bots near Chitterling the Weaver, right now.

09-23-2014, 02:25 AM
There's a complete party of bots near Chitterling the Weaver. I reported them, but well...

Names :


I made a Fraps video aswell, in case a GM comes ingame and they aren't here anymore (but I won't upload it until it's needed, I prefer to use my bandwidth to play). Could the bot button costs 0 labor ? It's ridiculous to make a legit job and be punished for that. Or at least send back the cost of labor x10 if the guy was really considered as a bot.

They currently farming, 11:30 morning GMT+1.

09-23-2014, 03:08 AM
Thanks dude, the server's chat is completely unusable for me right now due to the botspam, I can't even block them because the game tells me that "no user with that name exists" when I try blocking them in the chat window :\

09-23-2014, 06:54 AM
Sad to see so many bots running around and spamming, they are everywhere and so quickly!

09-23-2014, 07:19 AM
Well, the chat spam can be easily adressed, either :
- as a user, you drop general channels such as Nation, Trial, Alliance (Right click on your chat tab > Tab option).
- as server side, to set a max amount of chat per user per time (example : max 1 message every 30sec).
- as server side, to have to use a paying item in order to use that chat, or to have a specific restriction (level based, or quest based).

The spam as it currently exists (user doesn't exist) is a packet spam (on Lineage 2, you perhaps know L2PHX). One user creates packets using chat opcodes, and only have to edit the String used by the name. Trying to block them is pointless as that user doesn't exist physically on databases.

I was reporting BOTS, aka people farming to get their own amounts of gold to resell on those noobies websites. If you cut the roots, you haven't people yelling for websites. No virtual currency to offer = no website to promote.