View Full Version : The Farming Timer app (Android version) pathc 3.5 is out (labor pots, better maps etc)

09-23-2014, 08:50 AM

- Clicking the small map of a saved project or property now pops up a much larger map.
- Reduced the size of the marker when you save or pop up a large map to improve accuracy. Its still a lot larger in the mini-map on saved projects.
- Applying "Large Heap" to fix crashes on certain older devices running low on memory.
- Added a labor potion timer and a custom timer. Both under the new banner "Custom".

- Added a experimental feature to change a project from "Growing" to "Harvesting" - if its a product you can harvest multiple times. You plant a apple sapling. then simply change it to "Harvesting" and hit "Save/Reset". It will adjust its own timer and now be named "Apple Harvest".
- Changed "Save" button under saved projects to "Save/Reset" to reflect that this actually sets the project anew (number pickers will by default be at the last saved time when you open the project).

Patch 2.5:
- This version is adding an experimental feature to track the expiration times of properties you are interested in. Choose "Property" in the "Type of Product" drop down menu. Set the expiration date and time you get in-game and place a one-time-marker or add the timer to one of your saved locations "(My Dream Farm").
- On loading projects you can now choose "All Projects", "Farm Timers" and "Properties" - in addition to your locations. You can also "Add another week" and hit "Save" easily.
- Changes to the notifications menu that should give more ways to customize how your alerted about expiring projects.