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09-23-2014, 01:36 PM
I am ArmouredKitten, though the Enla server knows me as "Ayanamichan"

Despite the issues that the servers have been having with the absurd amount of spam and botting, I am absolutely loving this game. I have been playing for multiple hours a day for the past week almost, and I have a few questions.

What do you guys thing about the crafting system? Is it as complex as I think it is?
I have not even taken the time to look into it (i am level 23 as of now and have mainly been focusing on grinding my exp to get up to the level i am at now).

I have come across a fair share of rare and arcane items which have proven quite valuable to me. I have not purchased a single thing from a merchant, and I have barely used ANY labor points (except for opening coinpurses and other necessary things).

What would you guys suggest I do in order to get into the crafting/vocation aspect of the game? I am part of a guild, but really I have mostly been focused on completing quests and earning exp.

I started out as a Blighter. Then in the past two days I have changed my third skill class to become a Paladin (which didn't really seem useful), and then to an Abolisher which I still currently am.

Are there any resources you can point me to as to a comprehensive sort of guide for making wise decisions based on resources and what class you are? I struggle with deciding to sell old equipment, because I have a feeling that I could get more value out of them by crafting somehow (though that right now is alien to me).

09-23-2014, 04:02 PM
ok the crafting is not that complex, next use the evenstone/everstone to dismantle your old gear for archeum minerals. lastly you won't run out of quests so you can lvl by questing cause grinding will take forever. Oh if you can't decide on a class check out the skill calculator can you say "BOOYAH!!!"

this ends my good deed for the day.