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09-23-2014, 10:31 PM

Ronin EAST

Official Website (http://archeage-ronin.enjin.com/)

Ronin Intro - ArcheAge (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEi_iKGDtB8&feature=youtu.be)

Location: North America/International
Focus: PVP/Privateering & Piracy/Empire-Building/Farming/PVE/Roleplay
Raidcall & Teamspeak Applicable
Server: Ezi
1 month of inactivity will result in banishment from the guild, will need a notice for a vacation

What are we?
We're simply players exploring the virtual worlds. To conquer? To make history? To have fun? To make money? There's so many things an ArcheAge players can do in the game as long as he/she puts the mind into it. Ronin will help you alongside. This is not a super-hardcore guild, rather it's a casual guild; for those whose wanting to play the game and knows that a home/guild will be right there when he/she comes back. We know that life has a lot of things and game isn't a major factor of life. Ronin, essentially, is a band of wanderers, hence the name. We shall fight when our glory are thrown down as a group; we shall help out allies in need; we shall make a name of ourselves; and we shall retire when the need rise. Based on guild experiences throughout the leader's journey.

Our Focus
As previously said, we're a band of wanderers. There's no need for restrictions for focus. Do you want to become a trader? Sure! How about a pirate? Sure! Though, you'll probably get withdrawn from the guild by the system afterwards. I advise all to be familiar at everything though.

None! There's no reason why I shouldn't let people not join this guild. However, do note that if problem arises and you're the center of it, your movements and actions afterwards will be monitored by me.
Well, except that a small test would be offered by me, the main recruiter.

East for now because Ronin is essentially a Japanese Culture feature, as such we must stick with the Haranians as much as possible. Though, I might change it to west as West is much much easier to get into compare to East.


Guild Leader: SlapahoChief
Guild Vice-Leader: Arantion, Mindfreak, Tarestia, Rizza, & Hyunwoo
Guild Ambassador: Miko (Me)
Guild Type: Quality
Goals: Empire-Building

Note, ever since we changed to no-pk-same faction, everyone is technically our NAP/neutral unless we're on war with them or other faction/pirates.

Non-Aggression Pact



10-06-2014, 08:34 PM
Ronin declares war on Endless.