View Full Version : People of archeage!!! Hear my call!

09-24-2014, 09:22 AM
Too day people of Archeage are filling the rooms of the courthouses to PROTEST!
Yes.. Protest i say! against these 5min AFK limit i my self love the Idea of a lower limit.
But this is wrong! WE ARE NOT ANIMALS! We can't go to the toilet on 5 min, we CAN'T help our Mom or Dad or Anyother Family without Archeage punishing us for taking more than 5min.

I suggest a limit rasied to 8 min noting more nothing less.
Becouse we are humans.. and humans are slow at times. we have "Needs".
Or set a higher Server Capazity so more player can play at the same Time.
More the marrier right?

So! with that said! I SUGGEST! the people of Archeage GO TO your local Courthouse! fill the sets! and join our brothers and sisters and come together at this protest!

Best regards