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09-24-2014, 09:39 AM

A notice nailed to the wooden post, catching your eye you read on....

For two millennia have we languished in mourning, For two millennia have we accepted this fetid stasis as truth.

It is a lie.

Aranzeb was a great man yes, God-King to our people, slain by Kyrios yes but this ruin is not his wish.
The Elves of Nuia have abandoned their duty, They train for a battle that will NEVER be. The long isolation for nothing. The Eokad is corrupt, they no more long for the slaying of Kyrios, they only long to hold onto what little power they have left. All the while we slip further into oblivion.

Many of you have looked upon our society and questioned I know, only to quiet thoughts for fear of rejection.
No longer! No longer I say! Let this call ring through out the land!
They will call you Betrayer but it is you, your lovers, your children that are Betrayed!
Throw off the wretched shackles of this decaying society and join with me in reclaiming our Ancestral homeland.

Join with me in reclaiming Auroria.


Archeage is a game about building empires and The Vanuatu Project hopes to do just that. Not simply a Guild, I am creating the project in hopes of growing a Role play based Empire with it's own lore-friendly player created culture, customs and roles.
The aspiration is to make an independent Elven role playing faction based on the continent of Auroria complete with housing for it's citizens, industries to support the guild and army to safeguard it's borders.
Building an empire is a perilous business and so the project will require PVE, PvP and trading but all anchored in Medium to Heavy Role play

The practicalities:

First thing's first, making sure the RP community is interested. Hence why this post.

Secondly deciding which server to launch the project on, currently I have Lucius in mind as it has a relatively moderate server population, is for all intents the secondary RP server and queue tend to be minimal however this is up for debate.

Tertiary, PvP policy. I have no interest in this becoming another guild like Bushi or Oran'Thul, I don't have anything against those guilds (Truth is I have never encountered them) however just from the forums there seems to be allot of negativity and drama surrounding these two guilds.
So from the outset, lets create this guild in a positive manner and not alienate the community.
If they attack, they become fair game. Never start fights, always end them. Preferably by reducing your opponent to a stain on the floor.

Lastly, Forums. I am by no means am a technical wizard and creation of a forum is not in my skill set, the aspiration is for this to be very much an in-game guild with minimal out of game interaction but obviously we will need a place to come together outside of the game. So any Technical wizards out there who also Role play, you are more than welcome.

Aims and Aspirations:

Leadership Absolute power corrupts absolutely. To avoid having a prime dona leader and unwanted drama caused by poor leadership, leading the guild will not fall to one person. The aim is for the guild to be run by a council of dedicated players, elected by guild members.
Decisions on guild direction will fall to a vote (by forum pole) then the result being discussed by the council to see if it's the best course of action, then voting again on to implement the selected course. For example allying or declaring war with/against another guild.
Council number will be odd, for example 13 council members. 6 to vote one way, 6 to vote another and an impartial arbiter to cast the deciding vote.

Each council member will be responsible for co-ordinating and instructing a specific task to benefit the guild. For example the Alchemist's Lord would be responsible for co-ordinating alchemist members and supply of alchemy good for trade and use. While the Master of Arms would be responsible for the co-ordination, creation and distribution of weapons for guild members.

Recruitment Aspiring to be a large guild, I am hoping the guild will have have around 500 members. The Project thrives or fails on interest and supporting the project.

Initially recruitment will be handled in game (just PM me if your interested) and eventually when the guild is established enough to provide housing, prospective member can make a simple formal application for citizenship.

Industries - Essentially guilds within the guild, the aspiration is for members who like crafting to form into groups, for example mining operations or carpentry crafts. The purpose is to create items for sale, then crafters are paid their fare share for their work at an agreed wage.
The Aspiration is for the guild to be completely autonomous or at least as much as possible while still supporting the player driven economy.

Guild Housing The aspiration is to have housing for guild members as much as space allows, including free to play members. To make this work we would require patron status members to construct housing and act as a landlords, collecting rent at prices set by the guild dependant on the type of property (A manor would costs considerably more in rent than say a bog standard cottage.) The gold paid would then be divided between the landlord and an agreed amount to the guild treasury for the buying of materials.


09-24-2014, 09:48 AM
I would like to have someone like you at Melisara... Lotro RPer here, this game offers true RP heaven and I'm really MAD at Trion for not labeling one RP server for both NA and EU.

I dont think i've read better and more developed RP idea on this forum since the day I joined. Hope you will find someone who will support it and help you get it done.
Best wishes...

09-24-2014, 12:52 PM
Thanks, I really appreciate that :) I have in fact rolled on Melisara as well as Dahuta and Lucius. Would you be interested in joining perhaps?

09-25-2014, 09:48 AM
Hey, I'm on the Lucius server and this looks awesome, I would definitely join if you'd let me =). Though I'd probably make a whole new character for this.

Hopefully you get enough people to be able to do this =)

09-25-2014, 03:12 PM
I'm interested! But currently playing on Ezi. I have one open character spot and I might consider using it for this... But it sounds like you have the West faction in mind and I really wanted a Firran. >.>

09-25-2014, 03:46 PM
Official Guild website launched: http://vanuatu.shivtr.com/