View Full Version : WTS Carpenter Service

09-24-2014, 10:46 AM
Hey everyone. I'm a Carpenter from Kryprosa, currently at skill level 35 000 soon to be maxed out.

I'm now able to craft the first level 50 weapons, including: Bows, Staffs, Scepters and of course various other things like Beds and Chairs and such.

I'm looking to become popular on the server and be your carptenter of choice.

Weapons up to level 40 are free, if you bring me the mats of course :)
After that, starting with the level 44 weapon, required will be mats and a small fee.

Please write me a Mail IG, or just wisper me East Fraktion: Nischana

I'll be very happy to get any new business, and promise you won't be disappointed with my service.

Thank you!