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09-24-2014, 11:16 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBMAoD5iQz4 If you don't care to read.

Archeage, one of the most anticipated mmo games this year, also one of the most anticipated free to play games and it shows.

Now before I begin I want to say that Archeage brought a new spark to my MMO experience since I stopped playing World of Warcraft. The game works. the combat is mixed sometimes it is nice and relaxing and then other times it can be hectic as hell. The UI Needs a bit of work as it can be a bit cluttered, but other then that the technical side of the game is top notch.

However this is where the gripe starts, As many of you know the queue times to Archeage are just too damn long, but that is to be expected, the game is free to play and soo many people want to play it as it was so anticipated, it promises so much to so many people, but because of this over population it falls flat on it's face.

I didn't pre-order, so on day one of release I was so hoping I would eventually find myself a spot for a house and a farm, maybe put down a forge and an anvil so I could make weapons and armor for people for a small amount of coin, You know so they don't have to level weapons or armor crafting at all, but there is no room.

When I got in to the game I got the impression that you could plop down a house anywhere you wanted, sure with some restrictions so it's not a complete swamp of unbuilt houses everywhere, but limiting housing plots to a very tiny area with this many people, just makes us late comers frown and sigh, "Maybe i'll go do something else then."

The same goes for public farms and other resource farming in general, there are just too many people around eating everything, like a swarm of locusts destroying everything in their path. Personally I think the Guild Wars 2 approach buy once play forever would of worked so much better then the free to play approach, but that is just me.

Now don't take me wrong these are just the things I have found out on my travels up to level 30, there are alot of things and places I haven't seen and I've not even been to the pvp zones yet as I'm a cowardly dog or in this case Firran. (Those are the cats if you don't know).

I recommend the game for everyone who is interested in mmo games, just take it with a pinch of salt and you will be fine. Many of the features you are promised like housing and farming you can pretty much forget at this stage unless you go to a brand new server that is coming out soonish or just wait for people to stop paying their taxes and lose their houses and nick them from under their noses and go haa haa.

Saying that larsony is a skill aka stealing is a skill in this game, for you would be thieves and pirates out there, better start opening those coin purses and come online in the morning when people aren't online to protect their stuff.

(I am aware of the quality drops in the video, Youtube is to blame on this.)