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Here is a list of what you need to do to each player at the start for the East .


Scarecrow - structure protects your pick from stealing other players . Weekly require tax (2 gold with little scared , 3 gold large scarecrows come to mail payment )
Quest for small scarecrow is available immediately after creating a character ( in cats podlokatsii Trading Camp in harniytsev - El Mar )

Small scarecrow :

Given along with packs for its construction immediately after a short quest chain :
To draw water from the well
Drizzle with flowers next
Buy potatoes for 25 copper from Seller seed and plant it anywhere
Buy a fence at the Mirage (Green portal next to a public farm )
Scarecrow installed in special places marked on the map with two vertical yellow arrows up. Installation requires 1 gold coin.

Making the quest for a small scarecrow , you get access to the quest for a great scarecrow. On a small scarecrow immediately after installation requires plant :
30 cotton seeds (42 silver )
15 seeds turmeric (60 silver )
5 banana trees (80 silver )
In sum, the installation and zasadku small bogey to start you will need 3 gold 82 silver. However, we recommend planting it as earning money .

All this will require you to complete the quest for a great scarecrow.

5 plant banana trees , the rest space hammered cotton. Go on quests further 3 hours back and pick cotton. If you have collected 200 wool - only plant turmeric . If less than 200 - cotton plant residues and turmeric . After 5 hours and 43 minutes back to the scarecrow - collect turmeric . All you need - 50 pieces. In parallel, you need to collect 90 stone. Stone is extracted from ore deposits along with iron ore. The main gathering place for small ore levels:

Iron mines - Tiger Ridge Granite Quarry - Rainbow Sands Elemental Plateau - Peninsula dawn


Next you follow the quest chain to a large scarecrow.

Glider - a slot in your inventory, allowing you to soar. Taken on a quest to level 10-13 in locations Tiger Ridge - Iron mines. Basic glider possess no skills. Subsequent improvements glider performed for gold.

Superior glider: 2 gold 50 silver:

Fortified glider: 5 gold

Glider speed: 10 gold

Ability to jump has already fortified glider. In the future, they acquire greater speed, planning, acceleration and rotatability. Fortified glider should buy as soon as possible. Do not tighten the upgrade of the glider to the maximum, it is very useful in PvP.

Glider is on the workbench tab Engineering:

Horse or lion

Racehorse 30 Nui tears for an indefinite amount of gold is one of the fastest horses in the game initially. Purchased at the Mirage . Tears gather in secret locations or story quests . Need to make it as early as possible , since horse will gain experience for the movement on it and experience with killing mobs . If the cost is high Skakun (5 + Golda ) advise on start purchase Lion Plateau falconry - the settlement of White Cloud . Leo almost no way inferior to the horse than the speed of movement , just a jerk and has for the first time - will be an excellent purchase. Cost cub - 10 silver.

Buy it in a mirage for this tag :

Grown on any free grass is a mirage . On his growing need 1 carrot ( grown on public or private farm for 40 minutes ), the water from the well and 5 minutes of free time .

harpoon boat

Harpoon boat - means of transportation by sea. Speed ​​11.1 - faster than the speed of trading schooners .

Recipe bought him at the Mirage 30 Delphic stars . Pre-order allows you to buy Harpoon boat or trimaran immediately ! Recipe allows you to set in open water on the coast shipyard . Yards need to install iron bars 10 and 10 boards + 3 Golden.

Recipe purchased here:

After installing the shipyard need to bring back on line construction packs.
cargo timber
Loads of metal
Loads tissue
Load is placed on the appropriate material machined from 100 resource.

Subtotal harpoon boat need 30 stars Delphic , 110 boards , 110 bars of iron, 100 fabrics and 600 points of ( kraft packs and final construction of the boat )

The boat has 2 air tanks that can be used for underwater swims himself harpoon. Harpoon may cling to other ships when hit and pull them to the boat ( or boat to them - depending on the size ) . Great vessel for marine Gank .

Almost the best weapons and armor in ArcheAge - crafting . For example, 34 crafting better set 45 quest items several times.

Armor, weapons and jewelery made ​​of materials appropriate to the type of armor or weapons and Akhiuma . Akhium - material that drops from mobs and gets a color grade of things .

To spray the thing and get Akhium need to purchase a blacksmith :

Since things can fall motes, dust, bullion cubes and akhiuma. Their color depends on from which they were sprayed. (Red - weapons, armor, Blue, Green - jewelry)

Crafting things to level 34 on the machines. Above 40 level - gildiynom house bought on special machines.

Heavy, medium and light armor weapons and items of metal Jewellery tools Weapons and articles of wood

Ditto for things needed to fly the craft materials. They are sold at similar NPC:

Kraft 20 set ( as soon as possible to have all of them) need to :
14 dust Akhiuma
21 bar , leather or fabric
35 reagents purchased from NPC Craft Materials
Starting from the 44th level of armor and weapons are no longer uniform . Begins separation sets .
At 44th level 4 sets and only one of them can perekraftit in 50th . At 50th level, the average is 7 sets , and again only one will become the 50th average . Drop set Improves determined by chance .

Jewellery has a similar system , but starting from level 10 to 50 and higher . Improves only one that gives magic resistance .

Teleportation stones .

Fall in the murder of some mobs or produced .

Production takes place on the stone machine , 1 teleportation stone need 5 stone blocks (15 ordinary stone) and lunar dust that falls , spray cheats ( crescents )
Stones can open portals to certain datum. This is all the places where there is road atlas ( to come back to Travel Notes ) and houses with fireplaces. To bind to the fireplace should have access to the house , light a fire in the fireplace (3 logs) and buy indelible ink ( 1 gold , bought in UTILITY )

Runes Crescent.

Fall in the murder of some mobs or produced .

Produced using Alchemy drop from mobs ( below +5 stat - sprayed ) or bought for honor points . One of the best at the initial stage ( yet very good alchemists ) for Honor Points . Give a variety of bonuses ranging from stats and ending radius stealth detection . Imposed on all items except slot cargo. (Excluding special runes on the specific item )

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Oh my god thank you so much for this. Learned a lot. Question while building your boat during dry dock can the dry dock be destroyed or stolen?

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Google translated that for you?

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Alot of wrong data in here. For example: Glider prices.

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Dude ....+1000. Keep it coming.

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Alot of wrong data in here. For example: Glider prices.

Those are glider prices currently set on russian official servers of Archeage. Prices definitely may vary at European release

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Those are glider prices currently set on russian official servers of Archeage. Prices definitely may vary at European release

yeah, if they`ll change model of economics

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It's uncomfortable. I can`t add more 4 screenshots to this topic

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prices are wrong and lower for gliders, 2nd glider 50silver, 3rd 75silver, 4th 1gold, 1st u get through quest.

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prices are wrong and lower for gliders, 2nd glider 50silver, 3rd 75silver, 4th 1gold, 1st u get through quest.

Oh, correct. I just remember they were dirt cheap... So they are even cheaper now

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nice post thanks.

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Oh my god thank you so much for this. Learned a lot. Question while building your boat during dry dock can the dry dock be destroyed or stolen?

The dock stays for 72 hours, is owned by you and cannot be destroyed.

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No hes right its 1 gold for speed glider the only thing that costs 10 gold that you can ride on in the mirage is the race horse. So your prices are completely off unless you got suckered in auction.

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As others have said, this is a wonderful thread! Thank you very much! :D

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Nice work on copying the guide from another forum. :D Just for the record: a lot of the information is incorrect (ie. prices). People who dont play the game shouldnt start copying these guides to try to get forum famous and appreciated. You might fail. But at least people get some info from this.