View Full Version : Out of curiosity

09-25-2014, 09:51 AM
Does anybody else just find Vindictive annoying? Idk what it is, just annoyed by the guild.

09-25-2014, 10:21 AM
You are jealous, it is ok, it will pass in time, when you cant enter our castle

09-25-2014, 10:22 AM
Hey now, i was just curious, the mass recruitment cries from launch day showed a lot, and annoyed much of the server

09-25-2014, 04:27 PM
one of the biggest guilds here and does nothing pvp wise... worthless. just lets the other faction kill

09-25-2014, 04:45 PM
Vindi is a constant joke on the server. We won't need to do anything, the zerg will consume itself and be 1/4 of it's size in a 2 months.

Funny how the zerglings are just feeding the leadership supplies and exploiting them to just get 1st in somethings, won't last, never does.