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09-25-2014, 03:58 PM
A notice nailed to the wooden post, catching your eye you read on....

For two millennia have we languished in mourning, For two millennia have we accepted this fetid stasis as truth.

It is a lie.

Aranzeb was a great man yes, God-King to our people, slain by Kyrios yes but this ruin is not his wish.
The Elves of Nuia have abandoned their duty, They train for a battle that will NEVER be. The long isolation for nothing. The Eokad is corrupt, they no more long for the slaying of Kyrios, they only long to hold onto what little power they have left. All the while we slip further into oblivion.

Many of you have looked upon our society and questioned I know, only to quiet thoughts for fear of rejection.
No longer! No longer I say! Let this call ring through out the land!
They will call you Betrayer but it is you, your lovers, your children that are Betrayed!
Throw off the wretched shackles of this decaying society and join with me in reclaiming our Ancestral homeland.

Join with me in reclaiming Auroria.


Official Website launched http://vanuatu.shivtr.com/

Archeage is a game about building empires and Vanuatu hopes to do just that. Not simply a Guild, I am creating the Guild in hopes of growing a Role-play based Empire with it's own lore-friendly player created culture, customs and roles.
The aspiration is to make an independent Elven role-playing faction based on the continent of Auroria complete with housing for it's citizens, industries to support the guild and army to safeguard it's borders.
Building an empire is a perilous business and so the project will require PVE, PvP and trading but all anchored in Medium to Heavy Role-play.

Phase 1 Started:
Phase 1 consist of:

Formal Recruiting
Selecting a Server
Hosting the Heraldry Competition

09-28-2014, 05:11 AM
Project is on Hiatus until the RP community get's it's act together.