View Full Version : Any other RP server?

09-26-2014, 07:37 AM
With Dahuta full and unable to make any char on it. Are there any other RP servers with a reasonable amount of Rp'ers and guilds active, on EU ?

09-28-2014, 12:19 AM
There are no other unofficial roleplay servers for the EU. Restrictions are very annoying for our community but we'd expect most people playing on launch to have got in before them. They are only a temporary measure though may last a week or more to distribute the population better.

It's a regrettable situation and we'd strongly advise you to return from wherever you go to Dahuta once the restrictions are lifted. For now though it appears some people in similar situations want to go Nui so you might and I stress might find some temporary roleplay there.

The advice we've been giving people is if you really must play the game for pve, pvx or pvp whilst restrictions are up please do start on a new server. If you seek primarily to roleplay you might as well wait for restrictions to be lifted. After the last maintenance the restrictions vanished for 4-6 hours but sadly returned so perhaps look next maintenance cycle and see if you can get in. Other than that if you want to get the best roleplay experience sadly you'll have to wait till Dahuta reopens as the community there is proving to be larger than we first imagined.

Aside from this advice I can tell you the only online communities for EU roleplay are centered on Dahuta and apart from the odd forum post screaming random misinformation about us all leaving or where new servers should be for roleplay there are no numbers for how many people might be roleplaying where. There is also utterly no co-operation online for new servers and thus you'd have to ask no faction chat and hope someone was a roleplayer and saw it or you'd never find anyone.