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09-26-2014, 12:49 PM
Original Problem I reported.
Make a new account, go into account management, try to add a new payment method, and it will tell you that you are logging in from a different location. Get the email, enter the code, and wha-la!!!
"ERROR 404

The requested page does not exist. You should not be here. "

For IE11 users...
Here is the convoluted work around:
1) Get to the "Add new payment method page" where you fill out your information.
2) Click the gear on the upper right of your window (settings gear)
3) Click "Compatibility View Settings"
4) Click the Add button to add trionworlds.com
5) Click close and the page will reload looking different.
6) Fill out the payment information and click Save Payment Method (it should now complete.)

7) Go back to the credits page.
8) Click the gear on the upper right of your window (settings gear)
9) Click "Compatibility View Settings"
10) Highlight trionworlds.com and click remove.
11) Click close and the credits page will reload with the proper buttons (if not, hit F5)
12) Purchase your credits.
Mine completed following those steps.
It's an IE 11 compatibility issue with the security around the payment information. Many banks still haven't updated there code to IE11 compatible. :/

09-26-2014, 03:35 PM
what about Firefox or Google chrome