View Full Version : Bugged Quest NPC - Can't Complete Quest

09-26-2014, 06:22 PM
So, as the title depicts, there is a slight bug in which the NPC that is apart of this quest is bugged to the point where it doesn't allow you to complete the quest itself.

The NPC is misplaced, and I actually stumbled upon it by sheer luck after about 5 minutes of looking for the stupid person. I was actually going to leave the building in order to leave because I couldn't seem to find the NPC. That's when I just so happen to see the NPC that I was looking for, and obviously in the wrong spot.

Not sure if you can tell, but the NPC is just continuously walking towards the wall, and that's about all it does.

This is the location of the NPC.

The Quest that asks for this. The NPC is actually supposed to follow you out I believe, but it's not even in the building, nor does it follow, it just really loves that wall.

Just to help you find it. Also the position in which I found her. (That quest beacon is the only reason I found her.)

Severity? Only about a 1ish. Considering it's a side quest and most people probably won't ever do it or find the NPC and so give up, but still something to fix.