View Full Version : <Guardians of Destiny> Is recruiting.

09-26-2014, 06:54 PM
Who are we? We are a guild with a long history of team based combat. Realizing that teamwork is the key to success, we will work towards helping our guildmates where possible. We are a faction guild for the Nuian/Elves. Our priority is helping guild first, faction second. We do what we can to keep things interesting and fun for all. It's not worth playing if we're not having fun. Bad jokes will be told.

Currently small, we are seeking to make an ever larger presence and helping progress in long term goals. We use RaidCall for voice because it's effective, and free.

If you are interested, please look for a Guardians of Destiny recruiter. The main two are Macknight and Channah. Website is in process.