View Full Version : WTT 1x[Thunderstruck Tree] for 6x[APEX] +420g OR 2x[Thunderstruck Log] for 6x[APEX]

09-27-2014, 12:45 AM
I have 1 (one) Thunderstruck Tree. I'd like to trade it for:

6x APEX + 420G (most Trees on the AH are being sold for 1000G currently, and APEX around 66G, so you save around 200G)

Or if you prefer logs, I will trade 2x Thunderstruck Logs for:

6x APEX (Cost around 400G and Logs are 220G each on the AH, so you save 40G)


I'll also take a flat sale for the Tree for any offer near the AH price (1000g). Willing to haggle the price.

/w or mail me ingame at "Numan" or "Gambit".

Thanks for looking!