View Full Version : Bot party in Two Crowns (Orc Camp)

09-27-2014, 02:35 PM
I always see the same bot party in the Orc Camp, Two Crowns. (You're sent there to kill the Orc chief and kill a few lesser orcs). They repeat the same actions over again with zero response:

-Attack any enemy in range with the same fireball spam
-Play a Flute after enemy is dead

I've noticed they've been reported by others too but reporting them again seems to reset the time limit they have to visit the judge. I believe they've gone from lv42 to lv47 (last time I was there).

Not gonna post their character names in case its against forum rules, but any time you pass by that location they should be there XD

Nuia > Two Crowns > "Orc Camp" (don't think it has a proper name, but its part of one of the quest lines).

So is there anything that can be done besides spending 20/25 labor to report them (which seems to do nothing)?