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09-27-2014, 04:37 PM
Name/Aliases: Kaylereith, Kayleirith, Lawlcheez



Playtime:Anywhere between 1530-0100

What I'm looking for:
I'm seeking a guild composed of dedicated open minded and competent members that aims to be a major influence on Lucius through controlling large amounts of land and in game capital, and keeping control over it's assets as well as acquiring new ones through PvP. At the same time working to stay at the cutting edge of new PvE content as well as any potential future PvP ranking system.

My history in gaming:
Warcraft III (DotA) was the first video game I ever played. I started playing with my big brother when I was around eight years old. I was pretty terrible so I soon dropped it and started playing WoW. As soon as i hit level 70 in 2.2, I joined up with my brother's best friend's raiding guild and began progressing through Black Temple. Later that expansion in Season 3 I earned a 2v2 gladiator title. After this I kept playing WoW casually on and off through Wotlk, but otherwise stopped gaming altogether. Years later when I was around 12 I began playing DotA again. When DOTA 2 released I spent a few months time as a semi-professional DOTA 2 player on Team QopTop. The commitment was too intense so I quit to focus on my studies. Currently I'm playing DOTA 2 and CS:GO on and off, while dedicating most of my leisure time to EVE online. I'm really enjoying Archeage and I hope the game will turn out a success in the west so I can properly dedicate myself to it.

What I have to Offer:
As a member of your guild I can offer most importantly my MMO experience; progressing through some of the hardest raids to ever be released in WoW has given me strong theorycrafting ability. My experience in DOTA 2 has also left me very open minded and receptive of criticism (strangely enough I often find that nonconstructive criticism can actually be helpful). Playing EVE online has already familiarized me somewhat with the workings and flow of a sandbox MMO; although Archeage is clearly a very different game, I feel that experience in EVE will still be of some use. Finally, I have held many leadership positions in the past in groups such as the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and in the YMCA volunteer community (I held the rank of Sergeant when I was in the RCAC, and was a Weekend Swim Session leader/trainer).

My Weaknesses
I am currently a High School senior which means a few things. The first is that I am currently seventeen years old. Technically this isn't an objective weakness, however I understand that many people do not wish to have any minors in their guild, so I feel any recruiters should be made doubly aware of my age. The second entailment of me being in my senior year in high school is that: Real life for me takes priority over everything. I am currently in the process of applying for University, and I am also part of the Primary Reserves of the Canadian forces. I will not ever compromise my studies, my job, or even my superior's satisfaction for any game, even if it means losing everything that the guild has built (however I doubt a single character's presence can determine the outcome of any conflict capable of destroying an entire guild's assets).

Little more about me:

I'm currently a seventeen year old high school senior who enjoys: Skiing, gaming, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Weightlifting, and shooting at ♥♥♥♥ :D.

I look forward to speaking with any interested recruiters in the (hopefully) near future.

09-28-2014, 06:36 PM
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