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Server: Melisara
Faction: Eastern
Language: Polish
Interests: Organized PvP, Trading, Farming, PvE
Intensity: Varied, Semi-Hardocore
Size: 300+ members, up to a 100 online
VoiceChat: TS3
Forums: Celestial Lust Forums (http://celestiallust.com/home)

Celestial Lust is a Polish multigaming guild with roots in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 that is now starting it's adventure in ArcheAge. We welcome all adult, cultured players who ae willing to use Teamspeak. Hardcores and casuals are welcome alike since, massive guild activities are voluntary (tho strongly encouraged).

We don't restrict ourselves to single facet of gameplay and all activities from farming, trading and dungeon running, to organized mass PvP raids are available and being explored.

Only serious rules are not to attack players from our faction, unless they do it first (silly wonnabe pirates etc.) and not to partake in any toxic, abusive or otherwise immature behaviour. Reds and Pirates are always fair game.

We, however, value teamwork and cooperation in all those aspects, so if you don't enjoy doing things in groups, you may want to look for better fit.

Right after the launch our guild has cast a pretty wide net and now about 80% of our members are players who haven't played in Celestial Lust before. It proved a bit problematic at first and we had to part ways with few too bloodthirsty/greedy individuals, but beyond that it has been a success and one week in sense of community is tangable. It also means that way to become an officer, lead and shape the way of ours is as open as it could be. Actually among all the officers only two people are old CL players and rest, including myself, are new faces.

Despite not being made of seasoned veterans we set our goals high. Most of our members already turned out to be skilled and very capable players. Several guild PvP raids to date (40+ people lately) proved that we are capable of taking any enemy we've met so far head on and we will do all we can to keep it up. Currently we are all leveling, putting houses, trading, gearing up, exploring and raiding the high seas as well as frequently visiting Freedich Island working on guild fleet and looking for a fight.

We aim to claim land in Auroria once it opens and become one of the pillars of Eastern faction, PvP-wise, therefore we especially welcome hardcore PvP'ers and urge them to join our merry bunch!

Interested? Contact one of us:

Anonymous - guild leader





coming soon / wkrótce



Guild profile:

We are an Eastern Faction mass PvP oriented guild. We recruit all adult, cultured players who njoy group effort be it casual farmers or hardcore PvP'ers.

While we enjoy all aspects of the game, our focus is on organized PvP, be it small, medium or massive scale both on land and at sea.

We are open for cooperation with any non pirate-wonnabe guild in our faction. Feel free to contact about anything from offers of formal alliance, proposals of cooperation or requests for help with Freedich Isle runs.


Our players are free to attack all Nuian and Pirate players as well as ones from preapproved Eastern guilds, that commit acts of piracy or PKing against their own faction.

We will attempt to contact guilds leaders of every player who attacks and especially rob our members unprovoked. If response will be unsatisfactionary or nonexistent said guild will land on our kill list.

Same goes for guilds witnessed attacking smaller Eastern guilds for loot or "fun".


We have cast a pretty wide recruitment net in the first week after the start and some individuals who failed to obey No Green Aggession rule already had to be let go. If anything like that happens to you or your guildies please write down nicknames or better take screenshots and contact one of our officers immedietly. You will be apologised and reimbursed with intrest.


Anonymous - guild leader

Shinikyo - diplomacy officer

Emnelia - longer English chats



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Cześć, zastanawiam się nad serwerem(przenoszę się z Aier) i szukam takiego gdzie będzie ciekawa polska gildia. Nadal gracie? Ile was gra i czy już coś robicie gildiowo?


ps czekam na szybką odpowiedź, chciałbym już zacząć expić ;)


Teraz zreflektowałem, że to celestial lust. Grałem z wami trochę w teso i w rusta. :)