View Full Version : Need some help to find RP armor

09-28-2014, 08:16 AM
hi so im playing a paladin and id like to have a white hood and white cape and a sword so I have acouple questions maybe you all can help me with

1. I know you can use fusion (take the looks one 1 armor put on another) can I say use cloth hood as the image and put it on a plate helm so I have the stats of plate but the look of cloth is that possible?

2. can I do the same with weapons or are there any swords that increase healing done? because wthout clubs healing is really bad it seems

3. anyone know a cool looking white cape for the west side? I plan to use my own image but need a white cape first

thanks for your help in ansering these I cant find the info anywhere

09-28-2014, 08:46 AM
As for the weapon question...unfortunately there are no swords that can heal and you can't make a club look like a sword or staff or anything else which is pretty pathetic...I assume it'd be the same for armor but I hooe I'm wrong...haven't tried it yet. Also the fusion alembics that you need to do this are ridiculously expensive in cash shop. It's only 150 for one but I think you need 9 or 10...I last tried in beta so I hope this has changed but it's unlikely. I'm sure they will change this eventually so for now get a club and use your imagination :-P

10-09-2014, 07:58 PM
there is a lot of quest reward gear out there you can use, also they now implemented healing weapons to quest rewards so no one really knows what and how they look really. When it comes to your cape/cloak the easiest and less expensive is using your crest on it to make it look like you want. And I would start with dye since it seems like the less expensive way atm to get the colors you want on your gear.