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05-06-2014, 09:04 PM
Hello everyone we are a guild that has starting exploring the world of ArcheAge and so far we love it so much (with bugs and all) that we have decided to extend our gaming community to it. I'm sure by now some of you have seen us roaming around. Here is a little about us :)
We span over SWTOR, WoW, and Planetside 2 just to name a few off the top of my head. we have a very strong community of avid gamers most of whom we have talked into buying the founders packs. What we are looking for is players of all styles and levels to join our ranks. Our goals are to eventually get set up on the northern continent and build a castle which will take alot of resources and man(woman) power to complete and defend. Right now we are looking for members to not fully complete those goals since we probably wont get that far before it goes live however that may change if we get a ton of people. we need crafters and farmers miners and fighters among our ranks in order to insure that we are a whole remain safe and sound. As of right now we are on the eastern continent just trying things out however when it goes live we will most likely be switching to the western continent to start
So if you are intersted feel free to PM me either on here or in game im Code or contact Flavin