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The reason behind this thread: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?72436-(EU)-Nui-Building-a-roleplay-community.
This is the way I chose to do it. Do it whichever way you want to! You're free to use my list, of course.

Name: Charlene Hastings.

Nickname: Charlie.

Age: Young adult.

Race: Nuian, a commoner.

Height: 163 CM.

Weight/build: Slim and small, fragile yet agile.

Hair: Fiercely ginger.

Eyes: Weak emerald.

Scars: Mostly small ones across her torso, none worth mentioning specifically.

Tattoos/paint: A small tattoo of a galloping white horse found on the inside of her right wrist (vertically if you hold up your hand infront of your face, fingers pointing up).

Outfit: Leather attire that sits comfortably around her frame. Two swords, a bow with quiver and necessary arrows within.

Companions: A dog named Sam, horse named Nigel and a donkey named Jesse.

Description: With a hint of unfaltering stubbornness in her eyes, the weakly emerald coloured orbs are slightly bigger than average. The eyelashes that accompany these keen eyes are long and feminize her features quite a bit. A refined nose, plumpy lips and fairly blushy cheeks paint a youthful picture, clearly she can't be older than thirty.

Standing at an unimpressive height to be Nuian, there is a certain way to how she carries herself none the less. She may be slim and fragile but the graceful movements and trained reflexes indicate mastered agility.

Likes: Animals, nature, archery.

Dislikes: Nobles, general rudeness towards the poor.

Quirks/traits: Stroking the inside of her right wrist.

Talents: Archery, melee combat, thievery and horseback riding.

Background (OOC information!): Born in a big and poor family, Charlie grew up with the hard struggles in life. Her parents tried the best they could to provide for their nine children, but it was nearly impossible to keep them all fed.

The girl always wanted to help her parents out so started taking every job she could to help out financially. At the age of eight, she found a job at a stable and took it without hesitation. From that moment on, her passion and love for horses grew quickly and after hours, her oldest brother, Alexander, taught her everything about riding a horse.

Charlie being the third to be born, she witnessed many of her younger siblings' deaths. Eventually, after the death of the ninth child as a newborn, her mother gave up on life and decided to join Nui. Losing his beloved wife, the eight children had to take care of themself now that their father began gambling and became a raging alcoholic.

Losing sibling after sibling, Charlie only had her older and younger brother left in the end. One day, Alex decided to take what was left of his family and moved elsewhere to start a new life, far away from their drunken father. The three Hastings siblings arrived at a small town just outside a very large city and took good care of each other.

Alexander found a job as soon as possible while Charlene was forced to stay home with her toddler brother, Thomas. She knew she had to stay inside and keep him safe but stubborn as she was, Charlene took Tom with her to the outside world, to explore the area and their talents.

One night, however, things went terribly wrong. When sun had set and dark obscured her eyes, Tommy didn't make it. Unable to protect her smaller brother from the evil that took him, Charlie couldn't even think about what she had done. Nor did she have the guts to face her older brother, so she ran. She ran as far as she could, away from her problem and away from her poor, older brother.

Eversince, the girl has been on her own and has done odd jobs here and there, anything for money and survival.

Summarizing: A young, stubborn woman that has yet to forgive herself so she can move on to learn new things and start a new life.

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I love this! I will post mine as soon as I am done with my character's story.

09-29-2014, 03:47 PM
I love this! I will post mine as soon as I am done with my character's story.

I look forward to reading about your character! Especially so because of the new game, new setting and new people. Eager to see how far your imagination goes!

10-01-2014, 09:47 AM
Name: Arenthas Kauldur.

Nickname: Aren.

Age: Thirty Six.

Race: Nuian.

Height: Six foot four.

Weight/build: Fit & muscular.

Hair: Medium length and thin, straight from the root but wavy towards the ends. Very pale blonde in colour.

Eyes: A light hazel/orange mix.

Scars: A single cut, thin yet long, rushed down his right eye from the very top of his forehead.

Tattoos/paint: N/A

Outfit: Depending on the context, either casual civvies or decked in a full set of heavy plate.

Companions: His dark brown hound, Hainer. A brown riding horse named Daryck.

Description: This man seems aged beyond his true years, looking ever-so serious at all times. Not handsome nor unattractive, his looks are fairly much an embodiment of neutrality. Never slacked in posture, always stood straight, tall and proud - and possibly intimidating, depending on who you are.

Likes: Genuine down-to-earth people, riding on Daryck's back, the clash of iron amidst a duel.

Dislikes: Snobby nobles and all those who harbor sinister intent.

Quirks/traits: Has a habit of staring intently into the eyes of the person he's speaking with without realising it, which can come off as intimidating.

Talents: Melee combat with greatswords, longswords and shields. Horseback riding.

Background (OOC information!): Born to a noble family with six siblings whom he did not get on well with. Always felt his place was with the common people, and vowed to serve them and become a knight.

Summarizing: A guardian, a warrior, a friend.

10-01-2014, 09:50 AM
Sugoi! I will also post mine as soon as I am done with my character's story! (Arleon in game ;) )

10-03-2014, 02:35 PM
Name: Arleon Kurapika

Nickname: Arl, Leon, Eon, Kura.

Age: 23.

Race: Nuian, a commoner.

Height: Six foot.

Weight/build: Slim yet honed, slightly muscular.

Hair: Light Blonde

Eyes: Sky Blue.

Scars: None

Tattoos/paint: None

Outfit: Leather armour usually adorned with a cloak. Two swords, a bow with quiver and arrows within. Also usually found carrying instruments.

Companions: A Donkey named Muligan and a wolf named Fenrir.

Description: A dash of confidence in his eyes, like two shimmering pools of cool water amongst his shapely face. A strong nose as a centre and stubble to surround it. He couldn't be older than his early twenties.

He moves showing grace and confidence, hinting toward a mastery of finesse and agility and years of experience.

Likes: Music, Romance, Archery.

Dislikes: Snobbery and illusions of grandeur.

Quirks/traits: Tapping his leg, as if playing along to a melody.

Talents: Archery, single and duel-sword combat, Various instruments, Espionage and Deception.

Background (OOC information!): Born into a family who did not want him, Arleon was left for adoption. He grew up, helping the other children with their fears of not being chosen by the adults who were looking for an adopted child, especially a girl called Katri. Over the years, he and Katri grew close, he considered her his sister. Katri was eventually adopted, when Arleon was nine. Irony, however, would have it that it was Arleon who was never chosen to be taken into a loving family and was, instead, adopted at fourteen by a group calling themselves 'The Collective.' They taught him a great many things, archery, the lute, deception, espionage and etiquette in a nobleman's court. At the age of sixteen, the collective had honed Arleon into a assassin, sending him under the ruse of a famous musician, to kill whomever, silently, for reasons unknown to him.

However, Arleon was not happy with this life. On his eighteenth birthday, he woke up in the midst of the night and slaughtered The Collective. Leaving none alive so as they could not come looking for him, and he left to look for his one and only true family, Katri.

Summarizing: Arleon is a cheerful person who always puts other peoples needs before his own. His only true passion is music and a love for his adopted sister Katri.

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Read yours Arleon, love it! Let me more join in on sharing!

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We've recently added Nui community support to http://archeageroleplayeu.enjin.com/home so feel free to post character sheets there and hopefully you can use the EU site as your forum hub rather than another forum offshoot xD

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Guys, post your character sheets there! It's easier. :) Don't forget to mention the server, of course. Easier to find each other on there!