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09-29-2014, 01:42 AM
[EU-KYPROSA - NUIA FACTION] VoxArcadia - Mercenary Guild

The guild Vox Arcadia will be proposed as a mercenary guild on the server Kyprosa faction Nuia

We are growing and our goals are multiple end-game. Given the variety of the imagination of both Target goals that we have chosen a different path for the Italian landscape. Mercenaries do not mean to be pirates but have a structure that is able to interact with other guilds to offer various opportunities. The game opens up various perspectives one of these is the Mercenaries Job. We are currently in the process of organization and we are looking for players. The structure of the guild is very simple: GM - Officer - Members with the difference that they themselves shall be authorized to seek contracts for the benefit of the guild. A system that allows you not only to GM & Officer to organize them but also members themselves will have specific tasks and left in their autonomy while respecting the rules of the guild itself.

A good mercenary guild has its price and its contacts. We are organizing the whole thing and try to be competitive people, people care, because later in the game will develop fees for metagaming (Espionage & Intelligence).

A little taste of what we're working on:

MERCENARY HUB (http://www.voxarcadiacommunity.net/?page_id=300)

We will update this tread
For info pm Belgarth or write below
Thanks to all

www.voxarcadiacommunity.net (http://www.voxarcadiacommunity.net/)

We are lloking also to create a mercenary structure for all mercenary guilds on Kyprosa. This is just an idea to share warning, example: Guild that doensn't pay and we can branch bounty for other mercenary guild. Please pm me if you are an interested Mercenary GM Guild so we could just talk.

We will update this tread with more info about our service.