View Full Version : LF Nice-Looking Heavy/Plate Armor Suggestions (For RP)

09-29-2014, 09:31 AM
Hey guys!

So while my character is a Daggerspell, I really want to take advantage of the system that allows you to take the stats of one armor and apply it to the appearance of another, and I am looking for some bad-♥♥♥ looking heavy/plate armor for my character since he is in a more militaristic RP guild. That said, I'd appreciate any suggestions for plate armor that you might have; I don't plan on doing the stats-armor swap until my character is level 50, so any plate armor level is fine. I like the bulkier look, but I'm open to any suggestions because I really haven't seen that many plate armor sets to have a set preference. Any color is fine too.

Thank you!