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09-30-2014, 10:05 AM

the usual rethoric aside, we`d love to organize a server wide event for all players/guilds to enjoy.

The current timeline is soonest This friday, if delayed because of circumstances, the next one (probably next one, since busy this week, but can do a test run this friday). The idea is repeated, weekly/bi-weekly "story" events involving multiple steps/parts and activities for different levels - starting any player with any level, ending up with guilds and pvp forces.

For example a basic outline of such event (no actual story elements, just overall basic composition).

Step 1:
Story of event announced on forums day or two prior to events. Exact time of event is announced.

Step 2:
At time of event, a very short (but with link to expanded) story summary is given in both factions chat and riddle task is given.

For example "The sinister force infiltrated the Nuin and Firran clans, disguised as their soldiers. They plan to exchange the data with their handlers at Tavern at Anvilton/Two Crowns! Tell a password to Innkeeper Blobster/Wrench - "Your beard looks awesome. Are you a dwarf by chance?""

In responce Innkeeper gives a riddle hint to location of the enemy spy, say "Far above the high the rocky mountains and dead desert, he waits, watching from the top at the mortals below, immovable and yet always in motion". (and half server rushes to the Airship to check for "spy" in stealth there).
Once discovered, he gives a hint to location of enemy base. Which happens to be at the Isle somewhere in ocean. The ships ready to bring people there are already waiting for people at the major ports, however the isle itself is blockaded by the enemy mercenaries and pirates. So you have to either fight your way through or sneak in.

And on step 3, its discovered, that evil enemy druids planted a sacred forest in some war zone, and factions need to uproot/chop it all before the period expires and mages are able to complete their bloody sacrafice there.

If they succeed, the rescued virgin will offer one side (east or west) a "Blessing of Nui" for a week, and the side who will get it will be decided by the fight of choosen by each side "Champion of the East" vs "Champion of the West".

Depending on events of the story and people succeeding/failing it, next events story will change.
The above nonsense is basic outline to show how it could be - there is a big variety of things we can organize and do, whats needed is help of some guilds on both sides, to make it happen.

On Eastern side we can currently organize it by ourself, acting as hosting party, and asking the some guilds in contact to help out. Whats needed is a trustable Host on western side, that will take responsibility for announcing it in faction chat, RP elements/players playing specific roles (spy, barkeeper, pirates) and guiding the western side to correct places and updating the status of the event.

Note, that there might be multiple organizer guilds from both sides, however, being organizes pretty much excludes your players from participation unless you keep the event details secret from them. (i.e. being event organizer on Eastern side, dont expect to see FU zerg rushing to save some virgin from westerners (however might see some as pirates or in opposite whatever positive roles there be).

Parallely, RP community of Dahuta can keep/expand the events with their own for those interested.

The basic guideline of those events is - they should be accessable for all (any level, and assistance given from organizators to get in right places - with ships, portals etc.) and outcome not decided by which side brings biggest numbers, also PvP might and would be integral part of later stages and faction conflict as well.

Interested in participation as organizer? PM me or post at pevepe.net/archeage.

Got ideas for events/story/how to make things fun? Post here.

09-30-2014, 10:10 AM