View Full Version : Our first galleon kill :)

10-02-2014, 11:49 AM
Our Melisara forum is a bit dead, so let me entertain you with some bragging :)

Noone was streaming but we have some screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/NeJcy

Little backstory:

After a daily guild Freedich Gilda Star run and scoring juicy trade ship kill (Thanks Dead Dogs!) some of us were still wanting more action.

We took 3 clippers (1 harpoon) and sailed to raid Nuian shores. In about an hour we managed to sank about 10 enemy clippers and capture few trade packs.

We were about to call it a night when lone galleon crossed our path right in front of our harpoon boat. We had to try!

We landed the harpoon and 2 adventure clippers rushed in front of the enemy ship to block it and make boarding possible. As it turned out there were only 3 people on board so we made short work of them capturing the ship afterwards.

With only 2 cannons we actually thought that there is no way that we can sink it in time, but he crushed and burned quite easily :)

Shoutout for White_Eagle guild for serving us that fancy dinner!