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10-02-2014, 06:10 PM
Hi, everyone! Quick update for you today on the top things that we’ve been up to since our last posting.A MASSIVE NEW AGEWe’ve discussed the tremendous amount of interest that ArcheAge has gotten in recent weeks and we’re happy to put a number on that for you today. ArcheAge recently hit a very important milestone: there are officially now over two million of you registered with the game! Know that we’re not resting to celebrate – We’re all still here, hard at work seven days a week to help this rapidly growing world be the best experience it possibly can be.SERVERSAs many of you already know with the addition of the new EU servers a week ago, bringing the total to 21 live servers, we’ve gotten server queuing for our European friends into a much better place, with the majority of logins now being either instant or in a handful of minutes. As we did in North America, we’ve temporarily paused character creation on the original servers, and we’ve already begun lifting those blocks as the populations have been evening out. We’re keeping an eye out for when the right time will be to remove the rest of the creation blocks, while keeping an optimal entry experience for everyone.BOTS-N-SPAMI’ve gotten a few questions from friends the last couple days: “Hey, did you guys do something about the bots?!” Happy to confirm that yes, we have. As many of you had correctly expected, we were holding back on some of it until we got enough data to act at once. I’m happy to announce we’ve booted out over six figures worth of bad actors from the game, and have started up new processes that are aimed at keeping their reentry as difficult as possible. (Yes, that two million number up there does have these folks subtracted from it already.) We’ll continue to tune this over the coming weeks, while ramping it up to catch even more hackers, and we’re tremendously grateful for your patience and your reports. Please do keep it up.On Spam, we just got a delivery that will soon help our temporary anti-spam system be able to react a lot faster. It catches some in minutes or less, but not all. We’re working on getting this more reliable version up and ready for you before the weekend. Even though what’s in place right now is an interim solution, we still want it to be able to react as rapidly as possible, and we continue putting a lot of effort into making that a reality.In the meanwhile, the permanent answer – our smarter, learning anti-spam system that specializes in outright blocking the kinds of spam that are frequent in western MMOs before you even see it – is in XLGAMES’ hands and they’re integrating it into the game for us right now. We’ll let you know when we get the delivery that has that in it.AND WHATS NEXT?Stay tuned later tonight to check out the patch notes for this week’s update, in which you’ll be able to find out about even more preventative spam measures being put into place as well as gameplay, UI, and Marketplace updates.There’ve been lots of questions about Auroria lately. We’re working on the best time to release Auroria and all of the gameplay and recipes that come along with that. Our goal right now is to have that be in a handful of weeks, and we’ll be keeping you updated as the date solidifies.At the same time the above has all been going on, we’ve also been here behind the scenes planning out the next year of live updates and holiday events! XLGAMES’ team and ours have been working hard together on some great, new collaborative things that we hope you’ll enjoy. Expect new fun for Halloween, for a fall harvest festival, and beyond.Once again, we’re humbled by all of the interest and ever grateful for your choice to spend time in ArcheAge!- Scott

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