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10-02-2014, 08:08 PM
Hi guys,

i am Velexx, i am playing Archeage since Open Beta.

My priority in this Game is PvP, but before i can go for that, i need XP, and Equip.

So i want to level up all 10 Skill trees to check out which trees kinda fit for me.

Also very Important: get APEX ingame, so i need to get a decend amount of Gold aswell.

This far i leveled 3 Skilltrees to lvl 50 and got the next 3 on lvl 30. Also I got allrdy 1 Month of Patron ingame!

To share my experience with you, i stream my Gameplay ala "Learn with me, when i am experienced enough learn from me"

I am a german guy, but speak on my Stream english and/or german, depends who is watching, or if someone is asking for english, ect.

So if you decide to check me out dont be afraid to ask for english if i am talking german at the moment.

I usually begin to stream every day 2 - 3 PM CET.

Link to Twitchstream: http://www.twitch.tv/velexx

If you want to see when I begin to stream and different other stuff here is my Twitter: