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Legion of kings is an international guild with loads of opportunities available to our members. We currently have 40+ dedicated members that are willing to thrive into battle side by side. We are a PVP and PVE guild. Soon enough we will have enough players and resources to run our large scale trade runs with loads of ships and members on board. We have some dedicated crafters and farmers who are willing to help out any new member in their journey with us.

Our main priority is to build a community where everyone is treated as equal
and provide active, friendly and mature environment to our members.

We are seeking members around age 18+ which are willing to do anything for the guild and its members. We can offer tons of knowledge to newcomers and the guild has no requirements for the lvl of your character or if you are a patron or not. If you will stand out and volunteer you will receive a bonus from the guild as a f2p player. So dont be afraid and be willing to accept your faith.

Your guild is here for you:
"one for all, all for one" - Three Musketeers

What do we have to offer:
- Maturity
- Activities (various)
- Teamspeak 3
- East faction

If you think that you have what it takes and can withstand any strong winds against us, come join our ranks.

Recruiting Officers:
- Yashira
- Rolia
- Wimble
- Sledgehammer
- Kovan
- Elitejack

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Good luck !