View Full Version : Tradepack dissapearing -.-

10-03-2014, 09:05 AM
So, i stole a tradepack from Eloina [Log Horizon] (yes, i just had to take it.. ) after some fighting about it.
I Managed to escape from her with a little help from my guild-mate.

After about 5min i got myself near a Nui priestess ( near hadir) with it to wait for more friends to help me take it to Caernord.
20sec after i got protected by the Priestess, Eloina and Shiroyume (both from Log Horizon) came and stood next to me, starting to rage about the pack.

Withtin 1min the tradepack just dissapeared into thin air, and both of them ran away from me.

So i confronted them, asked if they had anything to do with this, and they just laughed... -.-

So my question is; Does tradepacks dissapear at Nui-priestess within 2min?