View Full Version : Level 50 Nuian tomb warden (supporter/healer) looking for pvp/piracy guild

10-03-2014, 09:06 AM

after a long and hard way I finally dinged 50 with my tomb warden and crafted me some t4 gear.

I m now looking for a (preferable) small/middle pvp or piracy guild with experienced players that are willing to take a fresh lvl 50 player. I would prefer a german speaking guild but english is okay too if the guild is nice ;)
I love playing durable supporters, that s why I chose tomb warden. I m a full supporter now but if I somehow should be able to obtain some decent healing gear I ll switch to full healer if needed.
My former pvp experience is mostly EvE and DAoC.

Just post something here or send me a pm if you think me and your guild would match just fine :)