View Full Version : Fallen Fortress - Some area around the walls aren't closed

10-03-2014, 04:39 PM
I have been wandering around the Fallen Fortress, trying to find a way out in the direction I had to move to finish a quest and I have found out that a big part of the West and South-West wall have a relatively medium gap between the 2 grounds seams which are divided by the fortress walls.

Even with all the rocks around (to hide the ground transition with the wall), a player can still fall through the ground into the water map which is situated on 0 elevation around that area. Some of the said rocks doesn't have any collision and, so, doesn't block the player from falling.

I highly suggest every players who play around that part to stay away from the S, S-E walls of the Fallen Fortress until this is fixed. (Unless you like to waste your 30 min recharge escape skill)