View Full Version : [EN] WEST, Shield Brothers guild recruiting!

10-04-2014, 07:17 AM
Shield brothers!

Long standing community with years of mmo experience are looking for active players to join our ranks.

We started our journey in LOTRO moving on to SWTOR and eventually GW2. We are a community that know eachother for many years (5 years i think). We all come from across Europe from the most western to the most eastern countries. Moving on this game we imediatly fell in love but also noticed it required a bigger guild to efficiently experience the game.

What can you expect from us:
Our complete community is not here sadly, real life being involved. We count up to 10 members atm and we are very motivated to see this number grow. We have a website and TS3 also experienced players to administrate the community. You won't see us bossing anyone around, we plan events you come or you don't. In previous mmo's we alway's leaned to the PvE side of the game, for this game however we embrace all options it gives us from naval combat to trade runs and arena. We help anyong within the guild, need over greed.

Recruitment requirments:
We don't put an age limit, because maturity doesnt alway's reflect the age you have. If we encounter to say harshly an "idiot" we will deal with it accordingly.
Level requirments we prefer 50, but we welcome lower lvls aswell it being a trial period till they get 50 and we see what's what from there.
We have no restricted classes (yet) this may be updated later.

Feel free to whisper me in game.