View Full Version : Eastern Trading Guild

05-11-2014, 03:38 AM
Hello, and welcome to the Eastern Trading Guild. We are a guild based in Haranya, we will be mainly focused on trading and crafting, I hope that we can be a large influential guild one day.


Though we will be mainly focused on the life of a merchant we will also want bodyguards and other protectors. This is why we will also focus on PvP, and even hold tournaments and other PvP events that will crown our champion. The champion will be known as our strongest PvP player until the next tournament, which will be monthly.

We are going to be based on an EU server after launch, however anyone and everyone is welcome to join.
The guild has not been made in game yet, as I am yet to find 4 people to party with interested in this type of guild.
Please post here or talk to me in game if you wish to be part of this guild.

Rebecca signing off.