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10-05-2014, 06:51 AM
Here is a little story of what happend to me recently on Melisara...

..I was, like many players, on the hunt for some land and a house. I saw an advert in Faction chat from Mercutian, of Exile....yes, the dreaded, much hated, much reviled....Exile.

he was selling his estate in Cinderstone...consisting of a house, large farm, and a small farm. All on a real prime location, overlooking the coast. I went to see it, and loved it. We agreed a price, but he then told me that i can only buy the farm by 'direct' sale. The rest would have to be on trust, that he will demolish his unbuilt house, and small farm.

I had heard all the stories of scamming and of course...how you NEVER trust Exile members.

....but i went with my instinct.

I bought the farm for the full amount we had agreed.

he then DEMOLISHED his small farm, and i placed mine there. He then demolished his large house, and i stuck my large farm there. He posted me all the blueprints, asked if i was happy and the deal was done. no problems.

However, a few minutes later, i removed the large farm, to place my house blueprint....and BAMMMM

Another player, called Aurelius, from Black Cats guild placed his farm in the seconds before I could place my house. I was devastated. this was a prime 24x24 slot.

Mercutian returned and we both begged Aurelius to remove his farm. But he said it was too late.

I left disheartened, heartbroken.

Mercutian, sent me some items in the mail, as he also felt bad for what had happend.

.....end of story ????

not quite.

I msgd the guild leaders of Black Cats. A few day and told them what happend.

A few days later, their leader msgd me and asked me to come to the property. Aurelius was there too.

Aurelius then removed his farm, and i was able to place a 16x16 house there. I could not place the big one, as someone else had now taken a slot behind there, so no space for the 24x24.

I was so pleased that Aurelius and Black Cats had done this, that I told Aurelius to place his small farm next to my house, in the remaining space...for free.

So now...i have my house and farms, thanks to Exile ( Mercutian ) and Black Cats ( Aurelius and Knightwalker and rest of leadership ). Aurelius has his own farm too next to mine, for free.

So much co-operation, and everyone is happy.

There was no ♥♥♥♥♥ing, no moaning, no bloodshed.

Thank you to all, for making me truly believe in the good in this game, and this server.

And hope to see you all in game..

..from the little fisherman..


10-05-2014, 07:11 AM
The moment I planted my farm, there was no one there and I felt I was not a part of your "deal". Only moments later when you arrived I was informed this was a landsale.
At that moment my farm was already in place.

After speaking things over with Knightwalker we felt, even though there were two sides to this story, this was the best way to end this discussion for once and for all.

I'm glad this is dealt with, and wish you the best of luck.