View Full Version : Higher mining proficiency, less raw stone?

10-06-2014, 03:06 PM
My friends and I have noticed that after we hit 20k mining (maybe even 10k, didn't really pay attention then), we obtain less raw stone from iron ore nodes; at least, we believe so.

I don't have any test data before 20k proficiency, so we don't have any other stats to compare with, but we really feel like we're getting less.

If any of you guys could do a test similar to mine and share your results, that'd be appreciated. If there is a bug that causes you to get less raw stone with higher proficiency, we need to figure out before people lose out on resources that they should be getting.

Here is the test that I did, I mined 20 iron nodes, this is one after the other:


Thanks for reading!

10-06-2014, 05:04 PM
I have also noticed a severe drop in the amount of stone that I receive from mining after I leveled my proficiency up two levels. When I first started mining I would spend around 1000 labor and I would get anywhere from 190-210 stone, now when I mine I'm getting maybe 100-130 stone from 1000 labor. This is very discouraging because the amount we receive should not change as we level the proficiency. If anything we should be getting more.

Another statement to bring up would be to increase the amount of stone that we receive from mining. It doesn't make sense that we get a ton of iron and very little stone.