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10-08-2014, 09:31 AM

The Basics

Current Server(s): Ollo
Faction: West
Timezone: EU/US (all TZs welcome)
Primary Focus: Naval PvP focused & required
Secondary Focus: PVE, crafting, fishing

Who We Are

Hands of Fate is a guild dedicated to creating a group of players that love ArcheAge and want to be one of the strongest in any server we are in. We accomplish this by not only helping our strongest members continue to excel but also bringing up new players by supporting them in expanding their game knowledge and perfecting our tactics. Players who are highly active and enjoy excelling at their game play will find this a good home, super leet try-hards who spend their time explaining how awesome they are and lazy anti-social players who focus more on themselves than the guild, need not apply.

Some important rules each applicant should be aware of before applying are:

1. Using Teamspeak is required when in game.
2. Greifing, PKing, same faction is not allowed unless listed as hostile on standings in forums.
3. Participation in guild activities is expected, together we win, divided we fail.
4. Everyone fights, PvP is required.

full list of rules and regs (http://hands-of-fate.enjin.com/forum/m/23900874/viewthread/13141243-honor-code-rulesregs)

Overview of our methods

Friends and Foes
We always do our best to honor all agreements and support our faction (other than known PK guilds). We in turn expect others in our faction to show our members the same amount of honor, respect and support in times of need. Agreements not being met on equal footing are quickly dissolved. When it comes to our enemies, we have a "red is dead" policy but normally don't require that guildies chase reds across the world (unless it's a guild event). All players should be accepting and aware of our expectations when dealing with both friends and foes. We have a no Nuian killing policy, we protect greens other than known PK guilds who we have listed.

Trade Runs
Hands of Fate uses trade runs as a large part of guild activity. Not only does it provide a good income resource but it also allows for great PvP opportunities while defending our runs are blockading the enemies. Most of our successful runs are due to well planned, executed and timed operations. To maximize the benefit of these runs, we ask that all membership take part in them.

Guild > Individual
We do strive to operate on projects that benefit the whole guild first and the individual secondary. That is not saying we do not help our individual membership in their personal projects, but just to set the expectation that the whole is always more important. We'll help you build to your goals as long as you're active in helping the guild towards it's goals. We're currently working towards getting more cutters in the water and prepping for Auroria's release.

Becoming a member - Contact any of our members if you see them in-game; whisper Mit, Pure, or Vada; or visit our site @ http://hands-of-fate.enjin.com/recruitment